Nikkie & Aimee

My friend Aimee has a great story about mentoring a child... wucca.com


Meg and Joe's Tiny House

We've been living in our tiny house for almost a year! Here's the latest and probably last video on our experience. Enjoy!



“Material things, all of it is on borrow right, we're all just borrowing stuff... None of this is ours and we try to secure ourselves in these identities like my house, my wife, my car, my children, my career. You know the bigger the more, I'm sure that I am myself and it's like oh no, this house is really a prison and I'm tied to the bank.”

I love what Lulu says.

Another great video from *faircompanies
*faircompanies is a free resource to help you act responsibly, an independent website with information and tools on sustainability. We talk about green products, ethical consumption, clean technologies, social responsibility, ethical investment, and related topics. We invite you to participate and share formulas to improve the world right now, beyond the noise of demonstrations or the imposition of ideologies. 


Nearing Completion

Joe has taken over construction and he's oh so close to finishing. We've been living in the house for over a month and it's been totally fine. Cozy even. We are truly grateful to our friends for helping us in this most important project of our lives. The house should be completed (barring minor projects - trim, polyurethane, light boxes, etc.), so expect a video and more blog posts. Enjoy the video!


Quick Update Before Work

Here's a quick run through of what's been going on with the Tiny House over the past few weeks. Steve had to go out of state on business for a few weeks. Steve's son Dakota came into town and helped us quite a bit on the house. Before Steve left he installed the flooring, I do believe it's rustic larch:

Joe and our friend Andy (Thanks Andy!) stained the trim and siding, Dakota hung the trim around the windows:

I was a little worried about the stain we chose for the trim and siding (which you can see the dark board resting on the wheel well) but now that I see it against the door I'm pretty much in love. Dakota installed the door as well... we were so lucky to get such a beautiful door at such a low cost from Habitat for Humanity, but the door jamb was a totally different story...it wasn't cheap, and was a pain for Dakota to install.

Dakota also put up some of the pine tongue and groove wall around the bathroom. We may be moving into it soon, so we needed a bit of privacy in that area. He did a perfect job. :

 It's looking so beautiful, more and more like a house everyday. 
We hired our plumber to install the gas lines and the piping for the two sinks and the shower today. It will probably be done by tomorrow. We should have the interior done soon as Steve will be returning next week. I have a bunch of video, stay tuned I should be posting it soon. 


Good Montana Morning

I was fortunate enough to partner with Betsy Cox as the photographer for her cookbook, Good Montana Morning. Betsy and her husband Woody own the beautiful bed and breakfast, Good Medicine Lodge in Whitefish, MT. It was definitely one of the most fun projects I've ever worked on.
If you have a hankerin' for some truly delicious breakfast recipes follow the link:

You may also find more information about the book  here and here.

Also, check out this great article in 406 Woman Magazine pg 54.